One guy don rape one woman wey be sey fit dey for her 20s for d city of Visakhapatnam for inside the bay of Bengal when she bin dey rest under one tree even as dat place dey busy wella.

From d tori wey reach our ear nobody bin even try to epp am as d 23yr old man bin attack am. Even some people bin kon start to dey film am while others jes dey pass unto sey e no consyn dem.

Police don finally arrest d man wey imm name na Ganji Siva.

Police sub inspector K Duresh yan give d Hindustan times sey d woman run comot for house after she bin get small quarell with her husband.

E go be sey she bin dey weak wella and bin never chop…wey make am dey sleep under d ree wey make Siva kon take advantage of am.

People wey bin dey pass no even bother to stop am as per sey d woman bin dey too tired to scream…na one driver wey dey across d road bin film everything carry am go give Police but by d time dem go come d man don lost…buh thanks to d video dem bin dey able to catch d man..Him dey police custody dey await trial like dis.



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