One special court for India Don sentence one Indian businessman wey rape him maid to death and kill di 25-year-old housemaid for dia house wey dey Noida city beside national capital in 2006. 

Di court for india’s Central Bureau for Investigation (CBI) don give di order for punishment, one day after dem hold di businessman, Maninder Pandher and him boy, Surinder Koli gu as dem dey guilty for di crime dem bin commit for dia house wey dey Nithari village in Noida.

Dis matta be number 9th for 16 cases wey dey for di macabre serial killings wey happen for Nithari in 2005 and 2006.

As dem see say Koli dey guilty for dia eight cases and dem give am death penalty.

As dem give am dis punishment , special CBI judge P.K. Tiwari talk say, Koli and Pandher follow together for di rape and kill di housemaid, Anjali in 2006, and say dem suppose die.

Him talk say,

Koli don carry di girl inside di house and make di girl dey unconscious, rape her and eat her flesh, na wetin make am get death sentence”

“Pandger follow for di rape matter. We go hang dem and dem go die di way dog dey die too based on say, dem behave like dog “

Anjali, wey bin dey work as housemaid in Noida, don dey miss since October 2006.

People come know say him kill am wen police arrest Koli in December and see plenty human skulls and bones of 16 persons, wey be children , wey dey Pandher house.

Dis thing come make CBI buy di matta from local police and come submit charge-sheets for 10 person him kill for di 16 cases.

Di other cases dey under trial now.


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