One woman wey follow dey act film for Nollywood, Ms. Uche Ebere Agu, don yan today, for her instagram, sey, for young ladies to dey find guys wey get money to marry, na him be d wahala wey dey marriage today, as to marry a guy wey get money, no be happy marriage.

Uch Ebere kom yan sey;

“If you don date for years, or you wan marry a doctor, or a boy wey get money, and you no get God for your life, e dey useless ”

“For you to dey date for years, no be guarantee for marriage, as to dey sick, no mean sey you go die”. 

“To drive new car no mean sey you go reach where you dey go, to wear new clothes, no mean sey e dey fit you, to get family doctor, no mean sey, you go get permanent good health,  you get knowledge, no mean sey, you get wisdom, na so to marry guy wey get money, no mean say you go get happy marriage “. 

She kom yan sey, if person win for argument, no mean sey, him dey tok true, or him dey correct.

She still follow yan say;

“Anything wey man dey do wey no go make am go heaven be fake thing, and e nogo last “. 

Another Actor, Faithful Eze, wey be member of Actors Guild of Nigeria, wey dey Ebonyi State, kom comment, sey, make our girls stop dey Chase money for relationship, and dey forget real love wey go be d strength of d new family, and also, make dem know d different wey dey, between marriage, and wedding.

“Time don kom wen girls go know d difference wey dey between wedding and marriage. Wedding be d ceremony, wey you do, make person know sey you don marry, but, marriage be d main thing, wey you go dey do, for your family, and home, after you don tell people finish, sey you don marry”. 





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