Some  people wey dem dey suspect say dem be militants don kidnap four UK citizens for Niger Delta wey be di oil region for Nigeria. Na police and community leaders  talk am today

One of di local community leaders talk say, di UK citizens bin dey work for di Burutu area of Delta state wey dey for Southern Nigeria.

As dem dey help di community for free medical care, na where dis Militants come kidnap dem run comot.

Di police mouthpiece person for Delta state Andrew Aniamaka don talk say, na on Friday dem kidnap dem. Aniamaka talk say two people wey follow for di victims wey dem kidnap be husband and wife.

Another community leader, Chief Theo Fakama talk say di four victims bin don dey give di community people free medical and religious help.

Fakama say di community people no dey happy at all based on wetin di Militants do, as di people don dey help dem for many years now.

Aniamaka talk say di victims no tell authorities say dem dey around. Aniamaka talk ssy, she dey feel say, na one militant group wey call demself Karowei wey don dey operate for di area for some time now, na dem go do di kidnapping.

Aniamaka still say immediately di militants land around 2am, dem carry di victims go inside di creek. Im believe say na there di kidnap victims don dey since five days now.

Kidnapping na serious problem for Niger Delta region of Nigeria wey get plenty oil.


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