Britain bin tell Zimbabwe people on Wednesday say make dem stop di fight wey dem dey fight as dia military take over di government.

Dem talk am say,

“As e dey now, e dey like water wey dey flow and we no fit talk wetin dis matta fit cause ,” Na dia foreign Secretary, wey be Boris Johnson talk am for parliament.

Britain wey colonise Zimbabwe before don change di advise de dey give Zimbabwe on Wednesday.

Britain don tell dia people wey dey Zimbabwe say make dem dey house till dis matta go stop ”.

“Di important talk wey we wan talk be say, every person wan see Zimbabwe wey dey betta no be katakata. ”

“We dey beg make dem stop fight and accept peace”

Di person wey be Britain acting Ambassador to Zimbabwe Simon Thomas talk for video say,
“any Britain person wey dey Harare, wey dey stay there or dey work there stay for house, or hotel dem dey till di time di wahala go stop ”

Zimbabwe Military don take over, wen Mugabe talk say him dey house arrest now.

Mugabe power don dey fade as dia Military carry dia vehicle block di parliament wey dey Harare and di military come talk for television last night.

Mugabe bin be liberator wey comot person wey bin be British colony, Rhodesia for white minority rule and come dey fight every person with him political power wey don destroy dia economy.



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