Wahala wey Donald Trump dey get with person wey be top Diplomat for America, Rev Tillerson, don burst back for public on Tuesday, as Trump talk say, make him and di Secretary for States Compare dia IQ test.

Him talk say,

“Tillerson don call me “Moron”, 

Trump no show any sign wey dey like say, him go die di matta, as him renew question for wetin go hapun Tillerson for him diplomatic work.

Trump talk again say,

“My mind dey tell me say na Fake news”. Na wetin him tell forbes news Magazine for di insult wey Tillerson give am.

“But if him talk am, i don plan say, we go do and  compare IQ test, and i go tell you who go win “

Trump fon talk say, him still get confidence for him Secretary of States as him talk am like dis,

” I no dey undercut anybody, and i nogo undercut person, as i no believe for undercutting people “

Di main matta now be sat, no one know wetin Trump dey plsn for am, as him dey always hide something for mind, for sometimes before him do am for public.


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