Former Presido of Zimbabwe wey just comot not too tey, Robert Mugabe don comot for d country for medical check up for Singapore. One state security official on Tuesday kon yan say na him first foreign travel since d army force am comot from office for November.

Mugabe wey dey 93-year-old, don rule d southern African nation for 37 years, and him resign after d army and him ruling ZANU-PF party turned against am when e kon dey clear say him 52-year-old wife, Grace, been dey collect grooming to continue as Presido.

Until recently, Mugabe bin dey like do extensive and expensive international travel, even regular medical trips to Singapore.

D official yan say him comot from Harare with Grace and him aides on Monday evening.

We dey expect am to branch Malaysia, go see him daughter, Bona, wey dey expect her second pikin.

D official wey don organise Mugabe security protection but dem no dey allowed to follow news people talk, yan say;

“Him don go routine medical trip for  Singapore,”

“E don tey wey him suppose go for d check-up but events of d last few weeks kon make am impossible for am to travel.”

D trip mean say Mugabe no go dey Zimbabwe when ZANU-PF endorse President Emmerson Mnangagwa as dia leader and presidential candidate for 2018 elections during one-day special congress on Friday.

D security official no gree say how Mugabe bin travel but d privately owned NewsDay newspaper yan say him bin dey for one state-owned Air Zimbabwe plane.

Dem bin grant Mugabe freedom say dem no go prosecution am, kon assure am say nothing go do am as him safety dey dia hands for him resignation deal. Dis one kon even make Zimbabwe people vex as dem accuse am say him thief state money and say him destroy dia economy during him time for power.



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