Person wey bin be Zimbabwe president, Robert Mugabe Don get immunity for any prosecution on Thursday.

Zimbabwe Government tell Mugabe say him no get any threat nor any wahala for him house as dem go protect am well well, as e be di agreement dem get before him leave office.

Mugabe Don rule Zimbabwe for 38years till Tuesday wey Army people seize power from am wey make am leave di office.

As di tori be now, Zimbabwe go make Emmerson Mnangagwa dia president on Friday make him finish Mugabe tenure before dem do another election in December.

Zimbabwe bin be African country till di time wey Mugabe pursue white people are dia farms comot dia place and seize di machine dem bin dey use dey print money. .

As r dey now, 16 million people for Zimbabwe no get anything wey dem go eat, no employment, no money and dey use dia mouth dey comot cassava from cement floor.

Emmerson Mnangagwa Don talk say him go solve di matta and talk say,

“We wan make our economy dey betta, we wan peace for our country, we wan job, jobs and jobs, na wetin him tell him people.

Wetin make Army takeover na based on say, Mugabe pursue him vice and carry another person put for di office.

But Mugabe come Resign wen him hear say dia parliament wan impeach am based on di military takeover.

Dis thing come make Zimbabwe people come dey dance for road and dey paste posters wey dem design with Mugabe picture and di Army man wey seize di power.

Parliamentary speaker Jacob Mudenda talk say, Emmerson Mnangagwa go be Zimbabwe President on Friday as dem go swear am in.

But as Mugabe Don resign, e don leave Zimbabwe for another situation. People dey talk say make wetin hapun for Libya and Iraq no hapun based on say, dem dey see bad hands wey wan control Zimbabwe .

Di matta be say Army people be di people wey cause dis wahala only to give power to dis Oga wey bin be Army Chief for Mugabe.

Him bin dey in charge for internal security wen right groups talk say 20,000 people die in 1980s.

“Mugabe Don go, but i no see anything wey dey different from Mugabe and Mnangagwa.

Zimbabwe security guard Edgar Mapuranga,come talk say, nothing dey different between Mugabe and Emmerson Mnangagwa but make dem give am time.

Before Zimbabwe go get back to betta economy, e go dey long.


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