President Robert Mugabe Don Show him first face for University Ceremony on Friday wey be him first time to show for public after Zimbabwe Army generals takeover dia power dis week.

As him come make show make people know say army people no do am anything, Mugabe wey dry dey 93-years come land for di ceremony with him blue academic gown and cap.

Di Army people takeover di power as Mugabe carry him wife put for position wey go make am replace her husband as him go comot from office after election.

Di matta be say, Grace wey Mugabe wife and Mnangagwa, 75 dey fight who go get di President wen Mugabe go comot.

People wey analyse di matta talk say, military dey against Mugabe wife but dey support Mnangagwa as him dey chop nuckle with defence establishment.

Mugabe and dia army chiefs don talk on Friday as dia IPOB takeover come show say Mugabe Go waka comot from di power after him don rule for 37-38 years since dem get independence from Britain, 1980.

Mnangagwa, wey be di guy wey suppose takeover di power from Mugabe run go Harare on Thursday as dem sack am.



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