President Mugabe of Zimbabwe flex him wife sister base on  birthday matter with better gift wey  of $60,000. One of their media people don report sey dia Presido Robert Mugabe just flex him wife sister with $60,000 unto birthday gift wey be sey dia country broke die.
The Herald newspaper wey be the name of the people wey fall out this tory talk sey Mugabe wey be 93years and him wife Grace give the woman, Junior Gumbochuma the money for her birthday party while their pikin them kon give am $10 000. dem talk sey the bar wey dem give am na for all the good good things she don do for them and for how she take help dey take care of their pikin them.
Gumbochuma wey be Presido wife senior sister celebrate her 60th birthday on  Sunday, then her Sister Grace mark her 52nd birthday too for one of Presido farm wey dey for Shamva Northeast of Harare.
The worst part for the whole matter be sey all this awoof dey happen wen e be sey dia economy don dey bad  for over 10years and some of dia banks no get money again self. All dis wahala na imm dey make dia country pipu stand for line for bank for up to many hours to withdraw shikili money wey no dey even reach $20 per day.
Zimbabwe public salary wage bill dey use up 91 percent of d total money wey dey enter dia country wey be sey dey make the tin no dey grow at all.


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