Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe Go get meeting tomorrow wey go make him party to Decide whether him go comot or not

. N. MZANU-PF party go dey on media on Sunday to discuss how dem go take remove Mugabe as president. ”

Mugabe eight committee members for dia Party don talk say dem go get meeting tomorrow and decide whether Mugabe comot from president or him nogo comot

Dem talk am say,

“Yes, we go meet on Sunday as we go use am talk our mind whether him go resign or not. Di matta be say, plenty people don tell dis man wey mess up make him resign.

“We dey tell am now say make him go rest for di President matta as him be president and first Secretary for dia party.

Dis people don talk am for di small meeting dem do after plenty people do protest for Street and dey tell Mugabe make im resign and dey celebrate how Army destroy Mugabe regime wey no get joy at all as him rule dem for 40-years without anything wey him go show dem as him work.

Di plenty people got Zimbabwe protest got Mugabe House based on say, Army don seize power after him sack Zimbabwe vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa.



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