U.S. don talk say dem want new government for Zimbabwe, based on wetin Department for Africa talk and come tell Robert Mugabe say make him comot from office now as dem dey get wahala for dia State.

For interview wey Reuters do , di acting Assistant Secretary for State for African Affairs Donald Yamamoto come talk say, wetin Mugabe dey think nogo work at all as him don rule for 38-years.

Him talk am say,

“Dis thing go make Zimbabwe get new government and na wetin we dey pray ” Yamamoto talk am .

Zimbabwe Army don seize power on Wednesday for Zimbabwe based on say, dem wan stop Mugabe,wey dey 93-years, make him no give power to him wife.

Him never handover and never resign, but him shake hands with military chief, Constantino Chiwenga on Thursday.

Yamamoto, as him dey talk with African Union Officers for State Department wey dey for Washington, talk say, di thing wey dey hapun for Zimbabwe dey “very fluid.”

He said the U.S. go discuss multiple U.S. sanctions wey dem put on top Zimbabwe wen dem go start dia new political and economic reforms.

For di message wey him talk for Zimbabwe political leaders, him say, “We bin dey talk am say, if dem change di way dem dey do dia politics and dia economic shape, and dey move forward wey go dey protect right wey person get for constitution, we go start dey get discussion with dem and we go comot di fines and punishments wey we don give dem before. ”

Based on di way dem dey do things, US, never give Zimbabwe any help but only dey give dia private business and health care .

“As e dey now, before we go give anything to Zimbabwe, we go know wetin dey hapun for dia country first ”

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson go meet on Friday for Washington with 37 African foreign ministers.



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