Di Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, wey Army people don show say dem sabi way pass am for him guy man way, go meet Army Chief Today wey be Sunday. Di Army Chief be di guy wey don takeover power from am, as him wan use stop wahala wey dey dia country and announce am for dia television.

Di television tori carry am say,

“President Robert Mugabe go meet commander-elect for Zimbabwe Defence Forces (on Sunday),” Na wetin ZBC tori person talk for television , and come dey mention father Fidelis Mukonori, di catholic priest wey don dey settle di matter and dey share talks between Mugabe and the military.

Dis announcement for di crunch talks come after people wey reach ten thousand people wey get joy well well dey protest, full Zimbabwe Street on Saturday, and dey celebrate and also dey thank Army people based on di way dem take comot Mugabe after di 40-years him rule dem with bad mind. Dis

Zimbabwe President Mugabe, go get plenty talks with him party N. MZANU-PF Party today, as him go resign after di talk.

Dis protest wey plenty people do, don hapun based on say, Army people don takeover Zimbabwe power and lock Mugabe for house last week as him sack dia Vice president, Emmerson Mnangagwa.


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