Murder suspects wey be killers dem parade, by Kwara State Police Command in Ilorin last week don call Senate President name,  Mr. Bukola Saraki and Kwara State governor, Mr. Abdulfattah Ahmed, and yan say na di two men tell am to kill plenty Kwara State indigenes wey dey Nigeria and pipo wey dey live abroad.

Di suspects, wey dem don transfer to Abuja for investigation, don call Senate President and Mr. Ahmed names for dia statements weyvdem give Police as dem dey confess.

Based on di statements for dia confession to Police, Di suspects yan say, I don dey for payroll of Kwara State Government and Mandate Office of Mr. Saraki.

Di leader of di killer squad, wey be son of Salihu Woru wey appoint himself as talk talk person of Magajis wey dey Ilorin Emirate, dey on on salary Grade Level 16, and him boys dey on Levels 10 to 15.

Di suspects accept say, dem pay dem from Office of di Senate President. Mr. Saraki.

Di suspects tell police again say, Saraki give de Toyota Corolla cars few months wey never tey, as di way him wan use secure him way to 2019.

For di list, people wey dem mark to execute na Mustapha; Kayode Oyin, Yinka Aluko, Baba Rex, and one Ogunlowo.

One police source tell Sahara reporter say,bank statements wey dem get from di criminals dey show say, Mr. Saraki and Kwara State government dey pay dem every month.

True true, dia bank account dey heavy with millions and dey breath with better mind.

As e follow di confession,di Senate President and Mr. Ahmed come try to pressure di  Kwara State Police Commissioner, Mr. Aminu Pai Saleh, as dem use him Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Mr. Jimoh Mumini, who wey dey corrupt wella.

Mr. Pai Saleh bin don give money, wey him reject. Mr. Mumini dey critical ontop di transfer of di suspects to Abuja, as him talk say Federal government don dey successful to deal with cultists for High Court under di penal code.

Di Senate president and Ahmed go meet Police people very soon. Dis two men don talk say, Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Lawal Idris, dey plan to frame dem for murder.


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