Dis thing wey Muslim people dey do, how you dey see am?

Wetin dey dey your mind wen you see person wey dey pray for side  main road side? Well, senior police ogas for Dubai don draw ear give drivers make dem no dey park for road to dey pray.

Dis na after reports land say two people don die for accident wey happen for inside one busy road – na im make one senior police oga come warn people for public.

Di accident bin happen on October 21 when one car jam eight people wey bin dey pray for side of road after tyre burst.

To add to those wey die, na so three others wound seriously.

Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui talk say any person wey dem catch for road dey pray, go pay $136  fine.

Im talk say, mosque dey, petrol station dey, instead dem go dey use road dey put yourself for danger, make people just use dis places to pray.

Him talk say,

“E dey very very wrong for person to park for road to pray, and di one wey bad pass na di one dem dey do for highway.”

Another senior oga enter Twitter t, talk im own say, to dey pray for road no be better thing, except you wan go visit baba God.

Di matta be say, dis kind thing wey hausa people dey do for road no dey give joy at all. No be must say, dem go dey do dia alakuba matta for road.


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