Federal Government don talk say, 176,160 graduates don follow benefit for N-Power and dem don give dem where dem go work for di social Investment Programme.

Dis thing dey for di book wey be : ‘‘Making Steady, Sustainable Progress for Nigeria’s Peace and Prosperity:wey be report for dia. Mid-term report card for Buhari Administration.

Na Presidential Media Team write di book ,wey dem wan present to APC National Leader, Bola Tinubu as Prince Tony Momoh review di book on Nov. 16.

For di book, N-Power wey don reach 200,000 graduates wey don benefit for 36 States wey FCT follow, has don give dis graduates wey reach 176,160 where dem go dey work .

Di book talk say, 25,840 wey dem don select don leave , and dem disqualify 11,884 after dem verify dia profile and dia records.

Dem talk say, 13,956 wey follow get di work dey absent for dia physical verification.

Dem talk say, 46% for 200,000 people wey get di work b women, and 1,126 wey apply wey get wahala for dia health follow get di work.

Dem come talk say, centralised Project Management Unit go start dey monitor and dey calculate how di work dey go for di country.

Dem follow talk say, National Orientation Agency don give MOU wey dem go use dey monitor di work for 36 states wey FCT follow .”


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