Di human rights advocacy group, Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project, don talk say dem don submit petition on top di man wey be Governor for Imo State, Rochas Okorocha to Independent Corrupt Practices based on di offences wey concern how him dey use him State money dey built statues.

Di group talk say dem wan make dem Punish Okorocha based on how him dey play with him office and no dey use am to do wetin him suppose use am do as him build South African and Liberian Presidents image , wey be Jacob Zuma And Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for dia State.

SERAP talk say na 1bn wey dis governor don troway for di statues and him never think to pay pension people him dey owe.

Dis group dey ask questions for di Rochas Okorochas Foundation, whether e get any law wey dey support am based on say him dey use am dey do wuruwuru for him office.

Di Executive Director for di group, Adetokunbo Mumuni, talk say, dia petition carry date wey be November 10, 2017,wey dem dey use dey seek for Okorocha punishment don reach Code of Conduct Bureau and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission office.

SERAP talk say, no sense dey for wetin dis man wey no get brain dey do now, as him dey mount Zuma and Johnson-Sirleaf statues and him never pay teachers and petition people for Imo State.

Dem beat dia chest and talk say, Rochas Okorocha must receive punishment from di three anti-graft agencies, “Wey go make other people wey go enter di office no do same thing. ”

SERAP talk say,
“Dis statues him dey mount everywhere don go against constitutional provisions and international standards wey dey for code of conduct for public officers.

“As e be, dis him actions no make any sense and nothing go prove am good for human eyes ”

“As him invite Zuma and Johnson-Sirleaf for him Rochas Foundation and come dey use public fund dey build statues for dem nogo change cup of garri for market and him must pay.

“SERAP don talk say, instead dis man go dey do wetin suppose help di people, him dey use di money dey do him own business wey nogo give anybody life .

“SERAP make am clear say, e dey for Nigerian Constitution 1999 (as dem amend am ) and for United Nations Convention against Corruption wey Nigeria follow sign, talk say anything wey nogo favour di people and dey against wetin dey good for society for public leaders make anybody no do am.


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