D Ibom Specialist Hospital for Uyo, Akwa Ibom State don shut down, just two years after dem build am and na d administration of former governor Godswill Akpabio commission am.

Almost all d health workers wey dey d hospital na foreigners, most of dem na from India.
Mr. Akpabio bin dey boast say hospital, wey him describe as ‘world class’, better pass and e dey equipped and higher for status pass  university teaching hospitals for Naija and say e go promote medical tourism for we  country.

Dem shut down d multi-million dollar hospital dis September after dia private managers terminate dia contract with d state government kon withdraw from d facility.

When PREMIUM TIMES visit d hospital on Monday evening, dem don lock all facility; na only d security officials bin dey, and no single person bin dey inside d massive building dem.

Dem no allow visitors to enter d building.

Some people wey bin dey work for d hospital tell PREMIUM TIMES say d private managers – Cardiocare Medical Services Ltd – bin don comot unto say state government no gree fund d hospital.

D Commissioner for Health for d state, Dominic Ukpong, confirm on Wednesday to d newspaper say d hospital don close down.

Mr. Ukpong, wey be medical doctor, confam say state government and Cardiocare Ltd bin get disagreement unto d funding of d Ibom Specialist Hospital. But him follow accuse Cardiocare say dem get poor management of d facility.

Him yan say government bin don release money plenty plenty times make dem for take run d hospital, even d $5 million start-off fund wey d state government give Cardiocare Ltd no dey part o.

Electricity no kon dey d hospital again since dem no dey connected to d national grid.

Mr. Ukpong yan say: 

“Apart from d fact say state government bin dey give diesel free to dia quarters, I remember say at some point d state government bin give N250 million to Cardiocare, wey dem talk say dey want use pay salaries.

“As d money just enter dia hand like dis, dem talk say na for former salary, na so dem come back for more money.

“D state government bin follow give dem N50 million, on request.

“Dey ask government to dey pay dem N30 million monthly for dem to take pay salaries to some consultants, especially d neurosurgeon. We still give dem d money o.”

Mr. Ukpong said that the former governor, Mr. Akpabio, wey be d Senate Minority Leader, kon handle d matter by himself  around June and dem bin reach agreement for meeting between d state government and Cardiocare.

Mr. Ukpong still yan say Cardiocare bin no honour any of d agreement wey dem reach for d meeting.

D commissioner yan say d government release N180 million to Cardiocare after d meeting wey Mr. Akpabio get with dem.

“Immediately dem collect d money, dem just go,” Mr. Ukpong still talk dis one.

One medical doctor wey bin dey work for d hospital tell PREMIUM TIMES say dem bin dey struggle for survival based on say people bin no dey patronage dem people within and outside Akwa Ibom.

D doctor bin no want make dem put him name for d report, and him say Governor Udom Emmanuel and him administration bin no care much about how d hospital dey go, him still yan say d governor never ever visit or promoted d hospital so him go fit encourage local patronage.

D doctor yan say wetin kon finally bring down d hospital na d plenty resources wey dem spend ontop d treatment of d victims of d December 2016 Uyo Church building collapse.

“Na our hospital dem bin bring almost everybody to; even people wey dem carry go oda hospitals bim still come back to our hospital for treatment,”

“We bin get more dan 80 surgeries. We bin get over hundred patients for dat time.”

Him talk say d state government bin no pay for d treatment of d patients until things kon bad well well for d hospital.

“D governor kon release money for July, but by dat time tins bin don spoil well as all d  surgeons wey bin dey make money for d hospital bin don go finish”

D health commissioner, Mr. Ukpong, kon respond to d allegation, as him talk say d N180 million wey state government give Cardiocare Ltd, part bin be for d treatment of d victims of d Reigners’ Bible Church collapse.

Him talk say;

“Dey bin give us one big bill wey me sef as doctor bin no agree to,”

“Dem bin dey ask for N294 million for 300 out-patients and 70-something in-patients.

“D hospital bin don dey complain about money before d church matter. So, make nobody use dat incident as excuse,”

Inih Ebong, wey be former lecturer for d University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, bin dey among d patients wey bin hang after dem don pay money give d hospital for check-up.
Mr. Ebong bin don pay N30,000 for abdominal scan – Barium enema – wey University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, UUTH, recommend den dey refer am to d hospital.
The health workers for d Ibom Specialist Hospital, for three different days, continue to dey tell Mr. Ebong say make him come back for d scan even when dem know say d hospital go shut down. Later, dey kon tell am say dem no fit do d scan unto say dia equipment breakdown.

Mr. Ebong till today never do scan and d hospital too never give am him money back.

D health commissioner, Mr. Ukpong, kon yan say for now nobody know when d hospital go re-open.

Him say d state government dey follow investors from Dubai and Canada talk.

PREMIUM TIMES bin no fit reach d Cardiocare Medical Services Ltd make dem for talk dia own story too.
Source: premium times



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