North Korea don accuse United States say, na United States carry EBOLA virus go Africa, based on say, dem wan do dia bio-test, as dem wan be supreme world leader.

North Korea don release report for dia Korea Central Neros Agency (KCNA), Say, na person wey bin be personal adviser to Presido Reagan tell dem wetin United States do, as dem carry EBOLA go Africa, only to launch dia biological warfare.

Di aide to Reagan, Robert, don publish di info “Is the U.S Government, the master criminal of our time?”, wey be di info wey carry di EBOLA matta. 

Russian, Singaporean, American, U.S don ccriticise say, U.S develop EBOLA vaccine based on di experiment wey dem do for EBOLA, but say, dem dey hind am make other states no see am, and use am

Di matta be say, U.S carry EBOLA virus come test for Africa make dem use am develop drug, as dem don already do am, develop drugs but no wan other countries to use am, based on sat, dem wan be, maintain dia world power.

Dis thing wey America do for Africa dey evil, as dem dey see African people like monkeys for forest.



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