Emmerson Mnangagwa na one follow for di powerful people for Zimbabwe, wey fit become di next leader of di country, after Robert Mugabe resign on di afternoon of Tuesday 21 November.

Mnangagwa be long time loyal Zanu-PF senior member and person wey support Robert Mugabe well well but on 6 November, 2017, Mugabe sack Emmerson Mnangagwa comot as Zimbabwe Vice president and na dis one make di military chook hand inside di whole matter to change di country leader.

Mnangagwa, wen him dey 75, him bin get di nickname “Ngwena” – Di Crocodile – because of him power and how him way no dey pure, bin run go South Africa after dem sack am.

On Sunday 19 November, Zanu-PF bin replace Mugabe, wey be di party president with Mnangagwa. Dis one now mean say him no too far from di President seat wey go get Zimbabwe power again.

President Robert Mugabe don resign now as him talk say na for peace to dey.

On top Emmerson Mnangagwa own life,
Dem born Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa for southwestern Zvishavana district, central Zimbabwe on 15 September 1942. HIm finish primary school there before him family run go Zambia.

HIm grandpapa na traditional leader and him papa na I-no-gree person wey dey fight di white people for Zimbabwe and dia laws wey no favour di black people.

For 1966, Mnangagwa bin join I-no-gree group wey dey fight to get independence from Britain, and na for dia dem send am go do military training for China and Egypt.

Dem arrest Mnangagwa, come sentence am to death but later dem reduce him sentence to 10 years for prison based based on say. Him dey young dat time.

After di independence for 1980, tori claim say him dey in charge for Zimbabwe people wey some bad guys dey kill wey reach thousands of opposition ethnic group wey be di Ndebeles from Matabeleland and Midlands area.

Mnangagwa be person wey people believe say get plenty money and him fit use dis one take enter power.

One US diplomatic report wey comot for WikiLeaks for 2008 claim say Mnangagwa don make “too much money” during 1998 wey Zimbabwe send military go Democratic Republic of Congo wey get plenty gold and diamond.


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