E dey on record say Nigeria government wan stop Radio Biafra but dem no fit do am, na IPOB talk am.

IPOB media person, Emma powerful don talk say:

“Nigerian government don go far, meet British government to close out studios for London, but dem fail.”

“Dem buy Satlink wey be Israeli company wey dey give us satellite service. Dem do am through one US company.”

“As the company start di contract, dem drop our own service for satlink.”

“We move to another supplier and we dey with don stay with dem for 5 years now.”

“Truth be say FG never shutdown Radio Biafra before.”

Our contract bin expire with our service providers and we drop that one, Nigeria go buy am.”

“Biafra radio and television services dey gidigba and e nogo stop.”

“Nigerian government wey Fulani caliphate dey head no fit stop am.”

“Anybody wey think say him go stop am still dey dance with him shadow. We go dey talk di truth.”

“Biafra freedom dey important and we go dey fund am till we get di independence.”



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