Defense Intelligence documents, wey connect di people wey dey miss don finally reveal wetin Middle East people wey been dey observer anyhow been suspect, wey be say, di terrorists group ISIS, wey wan establish terror state ,na Obama establish am as CIA and CID been talk am in 2015.

Di Tori carry am say, Obama establish did terror group,so dat him go isolate Syria government wey Bashar al-Assad be dia President.

Di documents wey carry am talk say, Di support wey turkey give and Persian Gulf Arab State to Takfiri militants go make dem establish salafist for Eastern Syria.

Based on wetin investigative reporter ,Nafeez Ahmed talk, “di documents wey leak Don reveal say, for di coordination with gulf states and turkey, di west sponsor di Islamist group wey dem use am confuse Assad, even when dem no well well say, did kind thing fit cause ISLAMIC STATE for Iraq and Syria. ”


As e dey, as Obama talk say, ISIS be nothing wey no pass  “JV” team and him miscalculations as him no keep  residual force for Iraq, don show say wetin di documents talk no be lie.


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