Tori wey don reach us now, be sey, Naija Army, don go Bayelsa, State, and burn plenty house, wey dey for d place, based on sey, d people for d village, kill dem people, few days ago, wey don pass.

As d matta dey , Naija Soldiers don enter d village, after dem members die, and start dey burn houses.

D community, wey dem enter, be Letugbene Community, wey dey Ekeremor, Local Government, Bayelsa State.

Soldiers, don burn d houses, for Letugbene, based on sey, d people for d Village kill dem four members, for bush, wey dey d area.

D soldiers vex,based on dem members dem kill, kom enta d village, and start dey burn burn house, wey dey for d Community, and dey hit everything down.

As Naij.Com, don tok before sey, four soldiers and one civilian, don die for d village, as dem no know, d people, wey kill dem, but, dem latter, kom find out sey, e go be Niger-Delta Militants.

Security men, don confirm am, sey, d attack hapun, true true, for Letugbene Community, on August 29,2017.

D tori be sey, Army don arrest the CDC, Chairman, and other plenty people for d Community, wey give d information dat cause d attack.

According to person, wey see wetin hapun;

“Person wey dey work for oil field, wey be Atlanta, dey sick, and dey kom carry am kom d Letugbene village, for treatment, as dem wan go, guys wry Carry gun kill dem for bush, but dem no kill d papa of d guy”. 


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