Naija Central Bank, don yan sey, dem nogo stand against Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain technologies wey be Internet money, people dey use dey buy something for Internet.

D person wey be Deputy Governor for Naija Apex Bank, don yan d tori, for where him dey address Blockchain conference, for Lagos, earlier dis week.

As people wey dey work for Central Bank, and people wey dey monitor how people dey use money for d whole world, don dey monitor d way money sector dey change, based on wetin Blockchain technologies, and digital cryptocurrency dey, do, dem yan sey, dem nogo stand against Cryptocurrency wey don come Naija.

“As plenty countries don dey choose cryptocurrency, and Blockchain technologies, plenty countries still dey look am, to know whether dem go start dey use d cryptocurrency,and Blockchain technologies”.

As d mata dey, d authorities no get other option for d mata, wey concern cryptocurrency and Blockchain, but, dem wan follow am with beta sense.

D person wey be deputy governor for central bank, kom yan sey, e nogo dey far Central Bank, and People wey dey control how money dey go, go sign Cryptocurrency, as e dey make services wey concern money dey good.


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