Naija people wey dey travel go overseas don enta news unto say dem don agree to dey sweep streets for Italy.

As news take carry am, e dey very hard to find work wen you get luck manage enta anoda man land but dis Naija people wey dey live for one camp like DAT for Rome don talk say dem go dey sweet the street at least make dem fit keep body and soul kampe. The sweeping group na one Wisdom and Osas start am, unto say money bin don red for dia hand, joy no come dey as dem dey dia and dem no wan dey beg upandan.

For audio interview with BBC, dis Naija people come talk say dey don dey Italy for nine months and na dem just decide to sweep the streets instead of make dem just dey dia dey do nothing for the camp wey dem dey.

Dem come open up say dem be more dan 300 Naija guys wey distribute demselves to dey sweep the streets and say people dey drop small small change with dem to take appreciate dia work.


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