Naija Police, don create dem Mobile App, wey dem dey call, “iPolice-Hawk-eyes, wey, dem wan use dey check-check crime, for Naija Country, and kidnapping, wey don full everywhere.

DCP, Arungwa Nwazue, wey dey represent FCT Police Commissioner, don yan sey, Police Hawkeye mobile, go make people dey give dem info, wey concern crime matta, and kidnapping wahala, as e nogo show dem face, or dem name. D phon app, go dey receive Video, Text, and Audio.

Wetin make dem create d mobile or phone app, be sey, dem don plan, to use dis new way, dey do dem Police Security matta, as e don dey for every country, wey dey for our world.

Police join company, wey dey do work, wey concern technology, Web Asset Nigeria, wey dey work with U.S technology Company, BBGN&K,  and tech-giant, Microsoft, to create d App, for d crime, wey dey for Naija.

Mr, Kayode Aladesuyi wey be, Chief, Executive Officer, Web Asset, don yan sey, nobody go avoid security, wey concern life, and property, based on sey, e dey help dey develop country.

Aladesuyi, yan again sey, d Hawkeye App, go make people, dey report crime, through dem voice, video dem cover, and text dem go send, as part of dem security, wey concern, putting things, wey go make d mobile apps, dey work well, for dem vehicles.

Him yan sey, d App, don dey already for Abuja, and go enter Lagos, September, as dem dey plan, to make am available, for States, wey dey Naija.


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