Native doctor don die for where him test odeshi

One native doctor for Nigeria don die, after one of him customer test di odeshi ‘bullet-proof’ charm wey di medicine man do for am.

Chinaka Adoezuwe, wey dey 26 years, die afta him instruct di man to shoot am, as him wear di charm around him neck.

Police for Imo State for south-east Nigeria say dem don arrest di customer put charge of murder for him head.

Police say as far as dem dey do dia work, na person wey shoot another person kill di person and dem dey investigate di mata and  nothing like charm concern dem.

Charms don dey popular for Nigeria, where people dey consult native doctors to cure different sickness for dia body.

But dis no be di first time people dey die, where dem dey test odeshi.

For January, dem arrest one native doctor after one man drink odeshi for bullet, but dem still shoot am die.

Person wey bin sell am di charm for north-western Nigeria bin give di man assurance say hm no go die if dem shoot am.


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