NATO, on Wednesday, don demand, make dem implement North Korea sanction, for dem six countries, wey get nuclear power.

D Nuclear Power test, wey hapun on Sunday, for Pyongyang, wey dey like hydrogen bomb, wey Northern Korean dem do, and dem missile test also, don cause wahala for NATO.

As e dey now, d Unity wey dey for d international group face, no dey again, as Russia , kon yan sey, U.S.A, nogo sanction Northern korea, and carry dem support, dey give Pyongyang friends and China, make dem no accept d sanction wey NATO dey seek, against Northern korea.

NATO, kom yan sey, Northern korea, be threat, wey dem need reply dem from every country wey dey for d world.

“E dey important, make all Nations put UN sanction for dem law, and as we wan use pressure, convince DPRK regime, make him abandon d threat dem dey give “

People wey be experts, wey know wetin dey, Japan, don yan on Wednesday, sey, wetin hapun for Sunday, don Bring 160 kiloton wey dey, for d bomb dem drop for world warII.

D person, wey be Washington ambassador to UN, Nikki Halley, dey expect to bring new UN sanction matta,wey dem dey package for Kim Jung-Un regime dis week.

She don dey ask dem vote, to punish Northern korea. Washington dey parallel, and dem don dey hit Russia, and China business, as dem get deal with Northern korea.

Russia don back wetin China write, make dem tok peace for d matta, based on sey, dem don freeze Northern korea nuclear and missile test, as US-South Korean military drills.

NATO Secretary, Jerry Dtiltenberg, kom announce on Wednesday, sey, him go travel to Japan, and South Korea next we, make dem discuss Northern korea nuclear test matta.



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