Nelson Mandela New version for im autobiography book don comot for Johannesburg , wey be “Long Walk to Freedom”.

Him book, “Dare Not Linger” be di book wey carry di years wey Mandela serve as South Africa president after apartheid regime end for South Africa , and how im take see di first multi-racial election wey hapun for di country in 1994.

Mandela bin dey write di book, but im no complete am, based on im old age and im health, before Im die.

But, di person wey complete di book now for am be im South African author, Mandla Langa wey bi person wey don make am through novel. Him be di person wey add 10-chapters im use complete di book.

Mandela spend 27 years for prison based on say, im fight white minority people wey dey rule, and im later become di first South African president wey become leader through election.

Him serve only one term for office, and come die in 2013.

‘My long waka never end’

Mr Langa – who imsef bi activist wey fight against white minority people wey dey rule – use im own interview and research to complete di book. Im also use small small note wey Mandela write down.

Di Nelson Mandela Foundation say di book na 50-50 collaboration between Mandela and di co-author.

Dem take di  book title from final sentence of Mandela popular autobiography” Long Walk to Freedom”, for where im write: “With freedom come responsibility, and I no dey tay on am, because my long waka never end.”

For June 2017, dem  release one book wey Dr Vejay Ramlakan, Nelson Mandela doctor write about di leader after Mandela family dem say di book get too much personal information of Mandela.

Nelson Mandela: Important dates

Born for di Eastern Cape1944:

Join African National Congress1962: Arrested, convicted of sabotage, sentenced to five years in jail1964:

Charged again, sentenced to life1990: Freed from prison1993: Win Nobel Peace Prize1994:

Elected president1999: Steps down as leader2004:

Him retire from public life 2010: Appears for football World Cup


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