Mercedes – Maybach6 convertible, concept, be new version for dey one wey dem done produce before, “Maybach Vision”, wey kom out new.

D Motor get two seats Cabriolet, with plenty things e dey do.

D Maybach6 road fortress, be electronics,, wey dey 20fts,and whopping 750horse power, d motor go go, 200 miles or more than, 200 miles, wen d battery is fully charged.

D open-roof vision6 Cabriolet , get specs, and engine, wey dey like d first one dem produce.

Dis be dream wey Mercedes dey dream, on how dem vehicle go dey, for 2035.

Instead d vehicle, go dey engine for front, d vehicle kom get place, people go dey store luggage, as e be electronic vehicle, as e no need to connsume Mechanical running part.

As d tori be, Mercedes, don yan sey, Maybach6 Cabriolet, go get capacity wey go reach 0-60,mph,as dem don develop new charger.

D new charger for d Mercedes , dey strong, as e go allow d car charger, wey dey charge very fast, and go run for 60 miles, for 5minutes, wey don charge .

D vehicle hood, dey open like butterfly wing, as e dey show suitcase, and, and luggages part. D vehicle get 24 inches alloyed wheel, and high designs. 


Vision 6 convertible be wetin dem use represent wetin dey beautiful wella, as dem call am- Pure, elegant, beautiful, and ggrandeur.

As d tori be, Mercedes yan sey , dem nogo do d full production, as e go be concept now, and dem go produce am for future.



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