D Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr. Chris Ngige, don come talk say Oga Presido Muhammadu Buhari get better mind to give Naija workers better enhanced pay package dis year.

Him say d thinking of d Federal Government na to approve minimum wage wey go dey acceptable to all stakeholders.

Ngige yan dis one for chat with journalists wey dey Ifitedunu, Dunukofia Local Government Area of Anambra State on Sunday.
Him say Oga Presido don set up National Tripartite Committee on minimum wage and dey don start work and dem fit conclude d exercise for d third quarter of dis year.

Ngige say d committee dey very dear to Buhari, and him dey give close supervision to know as tins dey go.

Him say, 

“We bin get our inaugural meeting on December 14 and we do framework for our work. We go finish our job before d third quarter of dis year, but we fit finish earlier.
“Minimum wage na national matter and only the Federal Government fit legislate on it. Labour matters and d issue of national minimum wage dey inside d exclusive list.

“President Buhari dey monitor am wella, and me sef dey follow monitor am too. I wear double cap as minister of labour, wey be d regulator and also as d deputy chairman of d committee.”

Ngige yan say d committee go work so dem go fit come out with acceptable minimum wage, him still say na d Nigeria Governors’ Forum, representatives of d Nigerian workers, and d Nigerian Employers Consultative Assembly make up d committee.

“We get state governors; one from each geopolitical zone, five ministers and d Head of Service inside d committee. States go key into d new minimum wage when we don finish because say dem be part of am.
“We go fix minimum wage, but states fit pay more dan that.  Make I give you example, today minimum wage na N18,500, but Adams Oshiomhole bin dey pay N25,000 before him comot for office.

“Minimum wage na just to set d baseline, but states fit pay more.”

On wetin Nigerians suppose expect as d minimum wage, Ngige say him no go reveal am, but say him go rather table am before d committees, kon back am up “with productivity indices.”

Him say one of d cardinal principle of negotiating wages as stipulated by d International Labour Organisation na ability to pay.



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