Di New York state tax department don confirm  investigation claims by New York Times say president trump dey help him parents dodge millions of dollars in taxes.

Di tori be say New York Tax Dept dey Investigate Trump For Tax Fraud.

Di paper talk say, president chook hand for “dubious tax schemes in 1990s, and e include instances of outright fraud”.

For di tori, White house talktalk person Sarah Sanders call di tori  “misleading attack”.

She talk say, Dem sign transactions ontop  off by tax authorities “decades ago”.

Trump never comment,but him lawyer  lawyer Charles Harder say for inside statement: ” no fraud or tax evasion dey”.

Dis mata dey ontop special investigation based on wetin pass 100,000 pages of documents.

New York Times talk say, president true-true receive wetin dey like $413m (£318m).

Di report claim say, Mr. Trump bin dey get $1m  year from him father shortly after him graduate from college.

From di time him bin dey for him papa forties and fifties him receive di money.


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