Person wey bin be Minister for Aviation, under Oga Presido, Goodluck Jonathan, Femi Fani-Kayode, don talk say, d Non Governmental Organisations Bill wey Naija wan implement so dey evil.

Fani-Kayode yan say, Naija government wan use dis bill to cripple Churches, Mosques, and everything wey be non-government, so dem go fit bring dem under dia control.

Him kom yan sey, make Naija people resist d NGO bill wey Naija government wan put for law. Fani-Kayode yan dis one for him twitter today, 25th September 2017.

Him yan sey;

“D NGO bill dey evil. E go cripple Churches, Mosques, and all non-governmental organisation and make dem dey under government control ”

” I dey advise Naija people make dem resist d NGO bill, based on sey e dey evil “

NGO bill be wetin Naija government wan use dey control, Churches, Mosques, Schools, Organisations, and plenty things wey no be Government things.

For dis NGO bill, any money, resources, wey person collect, or organisation or church collect, dem go submit am to government for Abuja and dem go need permission from government before dem go use di money do any expenses or pay any Reverend Pastor or Reverend Fathers and Sisters.

If Church or Mosque raise money, dem go carry am go Abuja for clearance and audit, and dem go also clear your project, before you share d money.

Who be d people dis NGO bill go affect? 

D NGO bill go affect,

  • Reverend Pastors
  • Reverend Fathers and sisters in church and convents
  • Imams
  • Old Students Associations
  • Students Associations



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