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Nigeria Dey For No:35 For Government Performance For Africa

Nigeria Dey For number 35 for government performance for di 54 countries wey dey for Africa.

Na one report wey Mo Ibrahim Foundation release today for Dakar, Senegal talk am.

Even as di report talk say Nigeria governance don dey betta small since di last five years, dem still score Nigeria 48.1 out of 100, score wey low pass di African average of 50.8 and di West African average of 53.8.

Dis governance ranking get different category and Nigeria score dia highest inside Participation and Human Rights category (52.5) and di country score dia lowest inside di Sustainable Economic Opportunity (42.3).

Di report show say di direction wey Africa dey follow for governance dey positive even though say many countries on top di continent dey struggle to change some kind negative things. As e be for di matta , things dey move slow-slow for di continent but e dey improve.

One sector wey things don worse pass na Education. For continent wey be say 41 percent of di population dey below 15 years, no progress at all dey for education. Plenty Africans no dey happy with how government dey do siddon look as things dey change for education for other countries.

Na for 2016 Africa get dia highest overall score for governance wey be 50.8 out of 100. Some countries wey improve well-well for dis year report na Cote d’Ivoire, Morocco, Namibia and Senegal.

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