UK Prime Minister Theresa May don talk say nigeria go start dey practice same sex marriage and she come condemn Nigeria and other Commonwealth countries wey get laws against same-sex relationships and say dem go support countries wey ready to ‘change’.

May talk dis one for di first joint forum of Commonwealth Head of Government Meetings wey dem do for Westminster on Tuesday 17 April, where she say nobody suppose face hand of justice just based on say dem dey inside same-sex relationship with person wey dem love and care about.

She add for her talk say anti same-sex laws wey don dey UK before-before na wetin some countries for Commonwealth still dey use today, say “those laws dey wrong dat time, and dem dey wrong now.”

Many countries for Commonwealth like India, Nigeria, Ghana, Namibia and Kenya still get laws wey make am criminal offence to be gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender.

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari dey UK now for di Commonwealth Head of Government Meetings

As UK Prime Minister, she say shame catch am say those laws from her country don encourage others into discrimination, violence and even death.

May remind di audience say di last three countries for di world wey don do u-turn for laws against gay and lesbian people, come from Commonwealth and so, e no suppose hard for other ones to follow.


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