Nigeria police and SARS be terrorist group- Hushppupi

“Di guy man wey be Malaysian- Nigerian guy don chook mouth for endsars mata based on di video wey don spread everywhere for social media where SARS dey beat and dey force one guy inside vehicle.”

Him talk for him Instagram say,

“I know say I get massive international audience and I wan tell dem say, inform Nigerians no dey safe for dia countries any longer, please make people wey get di power probe Nigerian government and Nigeria police force based on how Police/Sars turn to terrorist group.”

“Dem dey kidnap citizens for streets everyday for di country and di government dey deny di day kidnapping by police force.”

“People dey miss for streets and dia families nogo know dia whereabouts and dem go end up in police net where plenty Nigerians dey receive beating and dey treat dem like animals, based on say dem no wan give bribe.”


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