One Nigerian man wey dem dey call John don buy Mercedes-Benz G-class for one South African man wey him give him wife belle.

Based on wetin South African news talk, for dia website, Daily live, John talk say him girlfriend husband don forgive him after di gift with G-Wagon.

John talk say,

“I know say wetin I do dey wrong, but i dey happy now say him don forgive me. Him don accept di gift. And him talk say, him wife, wey be my girlfriend dey pregnant and go soon born pikin. Him bin dey vex before, but wen I give am di vehicle him stop dey vex.

Daily Live don talk wetin person wey dey close to di woman wey dey close to di family of di lady wey her husband collect G-Wagon talk, as she dey disappointed say, as dis guy accept di gift, Nigerian guys nogo dey see person wey come from South Africa as any better person.

She talk say,

“Nigerian guys nogo take our guys serious. Which kind man go accept gift from man wey give him wife belle? Him go give di woman belle again and buy another car for di stupid husband. Dis guy don disappoint me”

Di website carry reply wey di husband give di woman say ,

 “E dey wrong if you call me stupid man. Di matta be say, we nogo change wetin don enter for belle. We don discuss like men and solve dis matta. Di Bible talk say, we must forgive. Di matta be say, i don dream to get G-Wagon for my life. And di Christmas come land early for my family.

“My wife go born di baby and I go take care of am. But if di father wan take di pikin to Nigeria, i go support di pikin papa and my wife. E no concern me.

“Na wetin marriage be . I love my wife and i nogo leave her based on belle she carry for another person”

Di matta be say, if na dis Nigerian guy wey south African person give him wife belle, him nogo gree. But for me,


My guys, wetin you go do if a guy give your wife belle and come buy G-Wagon for you to go forgive am?

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