Ohaneze Ndigbo, wey be d umbrella, wey dey cover Igbo people, don yan sey, d NNPC appointment Naija government do, as dem carry Hausa-Fulani put for dey place, be bias, as e dey worse than quit notice.

Dem don put allegations for Naija government head, sey, d appointment for Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, yesterday, be real threat to dem National unity, as Buhari dey marginalise Igbo people.

For d matta, Afenifere kom yan sey, d appointment na real impunity.Ohanaeze Ndigbo, kom yan sey, make nNaija presido, Mohammadu Buhari, change d appointment now, sey, Buhari no dey do wetin him dey tok, wey concern Naija unity.

D tori na d result for d tori, wey concern wetin NNPC do last week, as dem comot plenty people for d company, and kom carry 10-Hausa-Fulani people put for d 15-appointments,wey dem do.

NNPC, carry appointment, give 10-Hausa-Fulani, give three persons for YORUBA, give 2-persons,for SouthSouth, and no give anyone to SouthEast people.

Oga presido, for Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief, John Nwodo, don tell Vanguard people, sey, wetin Buhari do be evil to SouthEast people, for dey NNPC appointment, wey dem do.

Him kom yan sey :

“I think sey, as Buhari don yan for Broadcast, sey, him don settle everything wey concern unity for Naija, be true, but no know sey, na real lie, and sey, him dey deceive us”

“D disregard, marginalisation, and as dem no dey comply to Federal character, wey dey constitution, dey give us lack of confidence, which our Youths, don dey vex, dey shout for freedom “

” Buhari don yan sey, him government, nogo favour anybody wey no vote for him, as him go dey favour people wey vote him, 97%,and people, wey no vote for him, 5%,wetin i wan tok, be sey, e go cause katakata for Naija”

“Oil well no dey north, at all, four states for SouthEast, get oil well well, and dey give plenty money to Naija government, and dem no wan dey remember us”

For d matta, SouthEast senators, kom yan sey, dem don support wetin Ohanaeze Ndigbo tok, sey, Buhari go review d appointment, or e go cause wahala, wey nogo dey good for Naija country.

Senator, Enyinna Abaribe, wwey be Oga kpatakpata, for SouthEast senators, kom yan sey, :

“we dey support as we don endorse wetin Ohanaeze Ndigbo tok, for wetin Buhari dey do to SouthEast people, wey be Igbo people “

For d matta, Senator. Mao Ohuabunwa, PDP, Abia North, also, kom yan sey, make presido Buhari, think am again, ad him yan sey,

” Dis one na clear evidence wey don show wetin we dey tok since, wey concern marginalisation, as we nogo gree again. 



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