One lecturer, for University of Technology, Minna, Mr, Bashir Yankuzu, don yan sey, d marginalisation wey dey Buhari government, dey bad well well. Him yan sey, for Buhari government, if you no follow Buhari, you go enter for looters’ book.

Yankuzu, on Friday, sey, make politicians shout out, for d bad-bad things Buhari government dey do, wey concern marginalisation.

“We dey now for Naija, where governors, dey tok sey, Federal Government dey share national cake, and no remember dem, Ministers dey suffer, as dem no see money again “

Yankuzu, wey dey Department for Educational Service, yan sey, power don dey return to people.

Hm kom yan again sey, for 2019 election, wey dey kom, e go be ;if you no follow Buhari, you go follow people wey dey carry money.

Him yan again sey,

” Our destiny dey baba God nowfor hand, through our PVC. Make people wey never get voter’s card, go get am now, as e go make dem vote for electin, wey dey come”

D matta be sey,Buhari government dey help dem people,and no wan dey put other people for Federal appointment,weydem dey do,as e hapun for, NNPC appointment.


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