People wey dey use WhatsApp app no fit lie about where dem dey again o as dem fit share dia movements for d world most popular chat app now.

From wetin Express page yan, dem dey call dis WhatsApp newest feature Live Location, and people wey dey use am fit take am track dia chat partners’ movement for 30 minutes, one hour or eight hours sef.

Before, WhatsApp bin dey allow dia users make dem share dia location as stationary places for map.

Now, when any user select Live Location, d  user friends fit see dia location for d map, and na so e go dey update automatically as dem dey move.

WhatsApp people sef don comot kon talk say dia new feature na ” simple and safe way to let people know where you dey”.

The end-to-end location get code – just like d messages, photos, videos and files wey you send for WhatsApp – so e suppose don free your mind small. No fear say people go dey see everything wey you dey chat.

Again, you fit follow weda to stop d sharing of location for d main time before d end of d specified time period.

WhatsApp feel say d Live Location feature go dey very useful for person wey wan try meet new friend, or at least allow make people loved ones know say dem dey safe or just share journey.

To use dis new feature, you go turn on d  location settings or GPS. Den, open WhatsApp conversations wit d people or groups wey you wan share am with.

Under Location for d install button, e get new option for Live Location Sharing or Share Live Location.

WhatsApp go kon tell you to choose how long you want take share your GPS data. Immediately you just decide am, just click d Send button.

Everybody for your selected chats now fit see your real-time location for d map.

And if more dan one person share dia Live Locations for group chat, all locations will go just on for d same map.

D Live Location update dey available for Android and iPhone. And e go show very soon.


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