Fani-Kayode wey bin be Aviation Minister under Oga Presido, Goodluck Jonathan, don talk say, no matter di threat wey people dey give am, nothing go make am no stand for him friend, Nnamdi Kanu, wey be oga kpatakpata for Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

Fani-Kayode wey be person wey dey always dey criticise Buhari regime based on di evil dem dey do, don talk am say, wetin make am love Nnamdi Kanu be say, di guy dey talk true, and him be freedom fighter wey wan make him people get freedom and get dia own country. 

Fani-Kayode don start dey relate with Nnamdi Kanu, from di day him hear say, Nigerian government arrest am put for prison only based on say, him tell Federal government to give am Referendum.

As, yesterday wey be 17th September, reach, Nnamdi Kanu suppose defend himself for court, but him don miss, after Army people go him house go kill everyone wey dey di house. 

Fani-Kayode talkyesterday for Abuja High Court say, him nogo stop dey stand for him friend Nnamdi Kanu, based on say, Nnamdi Kanu. No do anything and no amount of threat people go give am, wey go make am no stand for him friend, Nnamdi Kanu.

Him talk say,

“I never see my friend, since Army people go him house go kill people wey pass 28 people, and since dat day, him don dey miss ”

” But, Nnamdi Kanu be my friend, and I no fit hate am. Whether rain dey fall, whether sun dey shine, no matter di kind threat wey people go give me, i go stand for Nnamdi Kanu ”

” But, as him no show for court , wetin i wan talk be say, i know wetin court go do, for him to show for court. Make court tell di Army wey destroy everything wey dey him house, cars, dogs, kill people, burn cars, and e be like say, dem carry am, bring Nnamdi Kanu out, make we carry am go provide for court ”

” Army no provide am, we nogo provide any person wey resemble Nnamdi Kanu for court “

Him talk say, him dey miss him friend, Nnamdi Kanu, as him never see am since dat time till today.


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