No vote for Buhari in 2019- Yoruba people

One chief for Yoruba socio-political organisation, Ayo Adebanjo, don yan say President Muhammadu Buhari nogo get any vote from South West even as him honour late M.K.O. Abiola.

Di constitutional lawyer check him head say, nobody fit deceive Yoruba people again to vote for Buhari in 2019.

As him talk dis one with thisday, Adebanjo talk say, Buhari never do enough thing wey go make am get dia vote for second term.

Him talk am say,  “Thank you (President) Buhari for wetin you do wey dey right. Full stop! Nothing more. If him wan get any vote ,e go be based on wetin him don do for di last three years, and no be to give emergency recognition to get votes from Yoruba land, we no be dunces.”

“I appreciate di good thing wey him do, nothing go make me no talk am, I no wan read meaning into di mata, but make him forget our vote. Na wetin I bin dey ask for, I no say dis one get k-leg.Him bin dey for three years, him no do am, and him kom do am now.”

Make we no ask questions, based on say e fit make us no see di good thing him do for MKO Abiola .

“Yorubas no be mumu people. Dem get dia eyes to sabi wetin dey good and di one wey dey bad. Nobody fit deceive us again.”

“I no even think say him deserve first term ,And I no follow for people wey dey talk about him second term.”

“Make people wey note for am go ask am question for wetin him don do based on say, him second term her questions to answer.”

Adebanjo yan say wetin Nigeria need and Yoruba people na good government, “Wey Buhari government no fit provide.”


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