Person wey be Prime Minister for Israel , Benjamin Netanyahu, talk on Thursday say him country go withdraw dia membership from UN cultural agency UNESCO.

Netanyahu tell dia Foreign Ministry say, make him prepare everything wey go make Israel  withdrawal dia membership from di organisation as U.S don withdraw dia own.

Netanyahu talk for im statement and  praise  U.S. Government for di decision wey dem make on Thursday to withdraw dia membership from UNESCO as UNESCO dey do“anti-Israel” bias.

Him talk say,

“Dis one na  courageous and moral decision wey una do,based on say, UNESCO be absurd theatre now and instead dem go preserve history, dem dey destroy history. “

As di tori dey,U.S. don withdraw from UNESCO and na price  wey every country go pay UNESCO for dia  discrimination against Israel . Na wetin Israel UN Ambassador, Danny Danon talk.

“UNESCO don turn to battlefield wey dem dey use against Israel and dey fight dem and dem don destroy dia objectives wey dem get and dia purpose. Decision wey don come today, be turning point against UNESCO evil. 

“Di stupid and shameful thing wey UNESCO dey do against Israel get consequences. Today be new day for UN, where price we go pay for discrimination against Israel don enter our hand, and we nogo change decisions wey we don do .

 U.S. dey support Israel and dia  true leader wey don bring change for UN. Di alliance wey dey between di two countries dey strong now,ore dan e det before  .”

Washington don already hold back dia money dem wan give UNESCO since 2011 wen UNESCO allow Palestine to join di organisation as full member.

U.S. and Israel bin dey among  14 for 194 members wey vote against admitting Palestinians. Washington get arreas for dia 80 million dollars annual dues dem bin dey give UNESCO, as e don pass 500 million dollars.


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