One Man wey dey 45-year-old, wey dey do business , Garbar Pakachi, on Thursday don waka enter Nyanya Customary Court,wey dey Abuja, and tell dem say, make dem scatter dia marriage wey don reach 22-years based on say him wife no sabi cook food every day.

Pakachi for him divorce petition don accuse him wife say since him marry am, him wife wey be Martha Ahmed never allow am get peace at all.

Him talk am say,

“Since I. Marry my wife, we never get peace for our marriage and she dey disobey me ”

“Di thing wey dey pain me well well be say, she dey cook one time for one week even wen I dey give am money

Dis petition don also carry am say, dis woman no dey stay for house, but like to dey waka about like fowl.

” Another wahala be say, she dey come back every night and sometimes she go stay outside till tomorrow.

Dis man come talk am for di allegations say him wife dey attend night club everyday.

“I enter her room by 3:30 am one night i come see say na only our last born dey house and she no dey.

“Dis thing come make me call her number, she tell me say, she dey night club and go return by 4:30am.

Dis man tell Court say, him and him family don try well well to change him wife behaviour but wetin dem don do no work at all.

Dis man come tell Court say, make dem devolve dia marriage and him go take care of dia four pikins.

Him wife for di court come talk say, she don even tire for di marriage.

She begged the court to give her custody of the last child of the marriage.

D person wey be judge , Jemilu Jega,come talk sense give dis husband and wife and tell dem say 22-years no be bread and beans, and make dem no allow any wahala to destroy dia marriage.

Him tell dem say, make dem go solve dia problems and come shift di matta to Nov. 21.



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