Federal Government for Nigeria don start di  process wey dem go use dey do ‘no work, no pay’ wey dem capture for Trade Disputes Nigeria Federation get.

Dem talk say, if dem start am, and any worker go strike lose him or her salary for di and say dem nogo pay for di time wey dem do strike.

Person wey be Minister for Labour and Employment, Chief Chris Ngige, don talk am for  State House correspondents for di meeting wey dem dey get every week for dia  Federal Executive Council wey President Muhammadu Buhari be chairman for Presidential Villa, Abuja.

Him talk say, di decision dem make follow for di decision wey form  part for di report wey  technical committee establish on April 27, 2016.

Di minister talk say, di decision na based on say, plenty people don dey go Strike anyhow as e dey necessary..

Him talk say,

Di primary thing wey di report dey talk about be di need for di law wey concern ‘no work, no pay.’

Di ‘no work, no pay’ no be law, and no be Policy . Buy sat, na law wey dey for Trade Disputes Act Federation get. 

“Section 43 talk say, workers get right to leave him person wey give am work from if dem get break down for dia discussions or negotiation. But make di time di worker dey do di strike no follow for di period him go receive salary. 

“So council don come today make dem talk am again say, di law still dey in force and we wan make una get am as fresh knowledge as concern public and private sector, especially people wey dey public sector.

“We wan do am, based on say, we don get plenty strike for two months now, and e dey make us dey confuse. 

Ngige talk say,

“di council don also  look into another recommendation wey concern people wey dey  permanent for Union activities.”

We agree say, my ministry go continue with our work, as we wan comot unions wey no get constitutions wey carry time limit for officers dem elect”




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