Oyo State Governor, Abiola Ajimobi don yan say, wetin dey make North people no wan accept restructuring, be say, North dey enjoy plenty plenty things from other states, and no wan give di States wey get di resources.

Ajimobi yan say,

“Na based on say, North people dey enjoy another States another people resources “

Di Governor wey Chief of Staff, Dr, Gbade Ojo represent, say, plenty things dey wrong for political system wey dey Naija Country, as North dey enjoy another States’ resources and except dem restructure second tier go still dey depend on Federal account.

Him yan say,

“If dem no amend constitution or restructure, North States go still dey like parasites on top other  States wey get plenty resources “

” If dem amend constitution, e go make States to get industries, as e go dey give dem revenue “


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