One 16-year old 100-level student of Microbiology for Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU, Ile-Ife, Mercy Afolaranmi, don take her hand kill herself by herself.

Miss Afolaranmi carry ‘Sniper’ drink just some days after she go Facebook go write say she want see God face, kon follow am talk one on one.

Obafemi Awolowo University Chief Security Officer, Babatunde Oyatokun, yan give Premium times say;

“We receive call say one of our students don drink poison. We reach hospital to kon know say na rat poison she mix. She bin give us her parents number but before dey kon reach, she bin don die unto d say d poison wey she drink strong.

Her fellow students and her neighbour follow open up say Mercy kill herself based on say she get poor result.

One of her neighbour, Bimpe Oni, yan say d student wey bin dey live off-campus for Sabo area of Ile-Ife, die on Thursday, after she drink “rat poison wey she mix with battery extract.”

Oni talk say d girl wey die so commit suicide based on “emotional pressure.”

Aisha, wey be Miss Afolaranmi colleague for d Faculty of Science, yan say d deceased bin get ‘E’ for CHM101 (Chemistry for first year students), wey students don call am dreaded course for year one students for d science and technology related faculties.

She talk say;

 “Mercy bin dey isolate herself for class and she bin dey look depressed. She tell me say she get ‘E’ for CHM101 and she don dey go around with sadness even before she kill herself so.



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