OAU Don Sack Sex For Mark Professor.

Obafemi Awolowo University Council for Osun, southwest Nigeria, don sack sex for mark professor.

Di Vice Chancellor of di university Prof Eyitope Ogunbodede yan say, dem dismiss Prof Richard Akindele after dia investigate show say di relationship between him and him female student no pure.

Di council say dem discover say di Prof bin promise to change Miss Osagie mark from 33% to pass mark if she go gree sleep with am.

Professor Ogunbodede say, Miss Osagie bin no even first get idea say she pass di course wit 45% until later.

From di investigate, di council conclude say Prof Akindele bin just wan show im authority and power dat na why im harass her.

Di decision to dismiss di prof na to make sure say any other lecturer wey wan harass student to think am first.

Di university don put strategy for students, whether boy or girl, wey lecturer harass go fit report di mata.


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