For di lattest attack on top Michelle Obama, person wey be far-right conspiracy theorist ,Alex Jones don claim say,him get  “di final proof” say,Obama wife be man.

For him 12-minute video, di Infowars come host analyses footage and photos wey him believe say,dem  prove Ms Obama get penis.

Him talk am say,

“Since di early days for di Obama administration, plenty citizens wey dey across di whole world,don’t study di videos and photos of Michelle Obama well well  and talk am say, she be man,na wetin shock Jock talk.

“And even [Barack] Obama don call am over and over again Michael. But dis new shock footage don come out now and show say, dem censor di video out immediately you dey download am from internet.

For di video, Mr Jones come show series of pictures of Ms Obama and come show pleats wey dey for her dresses and trousers,and come show say, Michelle get penis.

Di  “shock” footage be  short clip weydey show person wey dey talk say: “Michelle be transgender, we been know am”.

Mr Jones come add for him talk say: Now,I no talk say Obama wife, Michelle Obama be tran and I no hate trannies.I be libertarian but we get famous photos wey show say she get big something for her pants”.


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