Youth dey protest against Sars

Akin Fakorede, Before una go kill Oga Wike, Una go first kill us

Akin Fakorede Must Go

Buhari, Choose Between Amaechi and Rivers People


Omuma People For inside Rivers State, don vex, dey para, enter street dey protest with their Oga for House of Assembly , Hon. Kelechi Nwogu, base on all the bad things wey dem talk say Oga Kpata-kpata For F-Sars for Rivers State – Mr. Akin Fakorede do. dem sama accuse give the Sars Oga, say him join hand dey put Governor Wike for Gbege.

Anybody wey feel say, him fit use power from Abuja intimidate Our Governor no fit try am, Buhari been promise use change, why him dey allow all this wahala for Rivers State ?

Sars People Kill 3 young people for inside Ogoni, nothing happen

Oga Minister-Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi nearly kill Governor Wike Security Bikeman, now dem wan comot the man from police.

For 11th December 2016, 6 Police people wey dey work with Governor Wike, wey stand gidigba dey do dia work, receive sack letter from police

Na una plan, say make police people fear to dey follow Governor Wike Work ?

Omuma People no go gree

Rivers People dey talk say E don do


Youth dey protest against Sars



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